puttin in GTA cheat codes is like doing some Naruto hand signs

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Daily Show correspondent Michael Che tries to find a safe place to report from.

This is funny but at the same time it hurts so bad

sometimes you gotta laugh to stop from laughing

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What does creativity mean to you?

ask me why I love her

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but you don’t act black

please tell white people that this will never be a compliment (via blkdzn)

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They using lasers now?



the game is changing at an alarming rate 

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Falling in love

this is like, the most perfect photoset ever



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Girl Scouts are the ONLY exception.


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Perfect example of what I mean

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I don’t even know why I even bother to check Facebook at this point. Like, the is the bullshit I see from the same fake enlightened ass niggas.

Black folks have what the science community like to call dominant genes and almost all black Americans are at least 17% and we still Black so race of race mixing is a plan to destroy the white race or sure ain’t working

it would take a minute for it to happen, but if you want to see it in action all you have to do is look at India. 

India 3000 years ago was a Black nation (this is why history is important) it was then invaded by people history calls aryans, nomadic horseman who warred with the Black Indians for about 100 sumn years until they eventually overtook them and pushed the Black indians further South.

The invaders adopted the Black Indians religion and made modifications that would justify a stratified society based on color with white at the top and Black at the bottom.  Basically a caste system.

So is India all white, are the Black Indians destroyed? No, but their history has been hidden, Aryan Indians control India, and Black Indians remain at the bottom. 

So will race mixing destroy Black people. No, but it will dilute us and make room for infiltrators and double agents. Multitude of examples throughout history. 

Black people should look at their genes as something to protect, the fact that we don’t is the reason why some Black people would take umbrage to the picture. 

I mean I take umbrage to this picture because I’m mixed with White and Native American and it hasn’t diluted my Blackness one bit. My girlfriend is creole and it hasn’t diluted her blackness one bit. A huge chunk of my family is Black or white passing and that hasn’t diluted our Blackness one bit. Everybody is fuckin mixed. Because those Aryans are even descendants of BLACK people. There was always race mixing in the history of the world and you can’t prevent it. If Race mixing was going to destroy the Black race it would have happened already. Most of the world is still Moors no matter how you want to spin it.


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